Barkley born in 1920 thanks to Guidi family passion for horses. Today Barkley is a wellknown company in the field of technical horse riding apparel ,  renowned in its field for the best quality of raw materials, design and innovation. The perfection constant research  makes each pair of boots a top quality one, they are confortable, have best vestibility and lightness.  Barkley is a product made entirely by hand, the leather cutting, the sewn and the setting are all made in Italy. Artisans working for us check attentively all raw material and finishing , respecting all our standards. In the wide scenario of handcrafted pruduction, Barkley & Co impress you for the intensity and the spirit that still  survive today in the mind and in the heart of people love special products and past traditions . With passion  and commitment they maintain a link between past and present tradition.  Our products are entirely handmade in Italy: we choose the finest Italian leather and employ a team of expert artisans  in the art of shoe craft. We select our materials with extreme care and we are pride to ensure the  best standards in the industry. 

Riding Boots

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Riding Boots